Farm Bundles for Overnight Shipping


We offer a few meat bundles in which we pack and ship through the state of Wisconsin.
We have included the price of shipping along with the price of the products for us t to ship anywhere in the state. These items are shipped on the Tuesday following your order to arrive on the Wednesday following your order.

All of our products are made and produced on our farm on land we own or rent in Larsen WI. It is raised on pasture to the highest standards. Our cattle are grass fed and grass finished. Our chickens are organically fed and rotated across the pasture. Our pigs are organically fed and soy free and rotated on pasture. We care about what we raise and how it effects the animals, our environment and the end consumer.

We invite you to be part of our farm and support the efforts of our family farm. If you are ever in our area or would like to visit, please see our store hours and see touch the farm with your feet. We also encourage you to sign up for our email list and stay connected to your food in a way you didn’t know was possible.

Farmer Justin

Pork Bundle Variety Pack Chicken Box Beef Box
4- Pork Chops 1-Whole Chicken 50# Whole Chicken 20 # of Ground
4- Bacon 2-Bacon
1- Brat 2-Brats
3 Ground Pork 1-Hamburger Patty
1 Shoulder Roast 1-Chops
1- Breakfast Links 1-Ground Pork
1- Dry Aged Salami 1-Ground Beef
1- Ham Roast 2-T-Bone Steak
1- Sliced Ham 1-Chicken Breast Bone-in