The G Farm

The G Farm aims to provide customers with great locally sourced beef, pork, pastured poultry, and other seasonally accessible items. We practice a holistic approach with principles rooted in creating a sustainable, diverse and well managed system. The cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys are raised in rotating pastures to give them a high quality salad bar, full of nutrition. Moving the animals in a leader-follower system benefits both the animals and the flora they pass through.

Our pastures and gardens are free from herbicides and pesticides. We do not use toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We move our animals on pasture building our soils. Encourage biodiversity just like nature does, to help avoid pest issues simultaneously increasing the nutrient-density of our food. We believe that these practices are more ethical for the animals on this farm. We help keep our planet cool by sequestering carbon. We give back to our community by hosting on-farm events. You can feel good knowing you can talk with your own farmer, and trust that you and your family are eating healthy.

We work hard to be a farm that is transparent and open. You are welcome to stop by anytime and pick up goods ordered from our online shop. A farmer will be available to help and answer any questions during store hours. Store hours are as followed:
Saturday 9am-1pm
Sundays 9am-1pm

If you are within the delivery area, you have the option of having your order delivered right to your house at no additional cost (minimal order of $50)! Delivers are on Tuesday each week.

Although the farm is very active on social media, the best place to be alerted to product sales is through our email list. Sign up today! We look forward to being part of your local food chain.