Justin Duell

I began my farming career in the woods crafting maple syrup in 2014. Later that year I had decided to push myself to building a full diversified farm that encompasses all of the ecological benefits that a full ecosystem brings. In August of 2014 I formed an LLC and began the process of selling my city property and looking for the farm land to plant my roots. I lived in Appleton and have access to a maple ridge in Manawa, so the search area was anywhere in between. My house sold in January of 2015 and had no farm to move into. I moved in with my Mother and after a few months of searching I found a property in Larsen that fit the bill. On April 30th 2015 I moved in and began transforming the degraded property.

I am passionate about bringing high quality produce to your dinner table. I have for the past year done, as most farmers have done, had a full time day job. I purchased the farm property just over one year ago, and I have now put myself into a position to give this farm and its animals my full attention. I want to be your Farmer. I want you to know who I am, and more importantly, how these animals are raised and live in a natural environment.

I remember taking a test in middle school that helped pick out a career path to follow after graduation. I don’t quite remember what it told me, but I bet it wasn’t a farmer. Since high school I have served in the Army, gone to school while bar tending on the side, and worked in a financial planning office preparing tax returns and paperwork. Last year, I found my path and started looking for a farm. I am wrapping up all of my work experience and fortitude to transition this farm from an old corn field into a wildly diverse health food haven.