In 2014 I began my farming career crafting maple syrup in the woods. Later that year I had decided to push myself to broaden my career and move away from tax preparation and my desk job. I wanted to build a diversified farm that encompassed all of the ecological benefits that a full ecosystem brings. In August of 2014, I formed an LLC and began the process of selling my city property and looking for farm land to plant my roots. After a few months of searching I found a property in Larsen that fit the bill. On April 30th, 2015, I moved in and began transforming this property.

A major factor in choosing this space was that it was depleted of its resources. In 2002, the state DOT constructed a highway connecting Appleton, Stevens Point, and Oshkosh. The DOT took many dump truck loads of dirt off of the property and filled it under the new roadway. When they left there was a pond and compacted glacial subsoils that had lacked organic matter. The topography was not suitable for field cropping. I saw opportunity to build a diversified system and restore the soils.

I am passionate about bringing high quality proteins and produce to your dinner table. Through most of my time here on the farm I’ve had a full time job, too. Aside from those 40 hours a week I work on the farm relentlessly. It is very seasonal but I keep chipping away at one project or another. If it’s dark or raining, I work inside the shed. If I’m sore and tired, I work at my computer. If something needs to get done, I stop everything and make sure that the task is handled. I will take the dive and farm full time in the coming years. It is my career goal.

All of my past employment and schooling have helped to mold me into the Farmer I am today. I feel that my hard work ethic was developed when I was in the Army. My understanding of business was learned during my two year degree at the UW Menasha. My ability to use the tax code and grow a business was developed while I prepared taxes and worked in my dad’s financial firm. A foundation of my farming knowledge came from mastodon valley’s PDC, a 10 day intensive permaculture class, where I learned how to design my farm. Everything else was learned from listening to podcasts and watching Youtube.

I want you to know who I am, and more importantly, how these animals are raised in a natural environment. Most of the food from the grocery stores lack the vitamins and minerals that our ancestors derived from the food they ate. Eating food from a system that uses more natural practices can be tasted and felt. I am appreciative of your support. It enables me to live a life that fulfills my life’s design and helps keep my family happy and healthy.

Thank You!

Farmer Justin