Picking out the goods:
Start by selecting a category below. Within each category there will be a button add to cart. Some categories will feature a drop down menu. For example, under category Chicken Whole there is a drop down menu to choose the weight range. Chickens are $4.75 a pound. If the chicken weighs 4.25 pounds the item in your cart will register as $21.38. However, based on the weight of the chicken the actual cost will be $20.19. The lower cost will reflect upon payment.
Paying for the goods:
We ask that you create an account with The G Farm, by doing so you will be able to pay for items upon delivery. This will allow us to adjust the total product amount to reflect the exact amount per weight of goods. We accept check, cash or credit card. You may choose to pay online; however, please note the total bill for goods may exceed the actual cost based off the weight of product.
Getting the goods:
Deliveries are on Tuesday of each week. We offer free deliveries on all orders over $50! Any order under $50 will be charged a $10 delivery fee. We deliver to a wide area of zip codes. Please refer to the FAQ page for exact delivery areas. Delivery times range between 4:00PM-8:30PM. You do not need to be home in order to have items delivered. You may leave a cooler with payment on your doorstep or send us an email with your particular delivery request. You may also choose to pick up your purchase from the farm. No reservation is neccesary during regular on farm store hours. Otherwise, please call/email us ahead of time to arrange a time outside of store hours.