First the breed is called Freedom Ranger. They are a meat breed that is raised here due to its performance on pasture. After a chicks first 3 weeks they are moved into a 10 x 12 Salatin style chicken tractor that is moved each morning. They will consume about 30 percent of their feed intake from the grasses they pass across. They also leave behind a path of nitrogen that helps the grasses grow for seasons to come. The meat is a bit darker and has a great flavor. The other 70 percent of their diet consists of grains. Chickens have a crop and gizzard that allows them to digest grains unlike cattle. We mix our own feed on the farm. We have a few sources but the feed is transitional to organic, organic or at a minimum not sprayed with chemicals. In choosing grains for the chickens we choose not to include soy, instead we replace the grain with a field pea and have to add extra protein with crab shells.

Our Price List
Whole Chicken – $4.25 / lbs
Bone In Breast – 2 breasts per package – between 1.25 and 1.5 pounds – $9 / lbs
Legs and Thighs – 2 drums and 2 thighs per package – between 2.0 and 2.25 pounds – $5.25 / lbs
Half a Chicken – $4.25 / lbs
Wings – 10 wings per package – between 1.15 and 1.75 pounds – $4.50 / las
Necks and Gizzard – 2 pound bag – $4.00 / lbs
Liver and Hearts – 2 pound bag – $3.50 / lbs
Feet – 2 pound bag – 6.50 / lbs