Please send me questions and I will add them as they come in. I want you to know what and how the products are produced on The G Farm.

Could I come and see the Animals?

I would love to have you out to the farm. I have store hours for you to stop by and purchase items. When you stop out, just ask to see some animals and I will happily show or even let you help in some chores. I am a busy farmer working to make a living as a farmer, this is not done easily so please respect my time. The G Farm will have seasonal events open to the public. This is a great time to learn the management processes that are practiced. The events will be advertised via email and other outlets, but if you are a Facebook follower, you may not see the posting as Facebook’s policy requires me to pay for viability even though you chose to follow.

What does the G stand for?

Life is a journey, and this is part of mine. I was born and raised on a diary farm in my adolescence. And through the ups and downs of farming in the 80’s my parents divorced. My Mom then moved to Appleton from Manawa and had re-married. After several years My Step-Dad had adopted myself and my two younger sisters. This is when I had become a Duell. In continuing the journey, I have been re-antiquated with my biological father. I am not going to change my name again and feel that it is just part of who I am today. In naming the farm My intentions were to name the farm after my birth name, Gartzke. So now the legal name of the farm is called “Gartzke Farms LLC”. Before I owned the property I had began making syrup and selling it, as I was collecting checks I was often asked how to spell it, so It was a pretty easy decision to make one more change. So for marketing and branding purposes The G Farm was born.

Do you have a delivery program and where do you do deliveries?

Each Tuesday of the week there will be a drop off available. A Farmer will travel to your house, neighbors house, or your employer to deliver your ordered goods. There is no charge. You need to order online to start the process. When you have completed the payment and if you have instructions to deliver somewhere other than your home address, all you need to do is email justin@theg.farm to give additional instructions. You need to have a cooler outside for the drop off if you are gone, or a freezer that is accessible. Zip codes that  I will deliver to no questions asked include but are not limited to include these zip codes. This is called The G Farm Foodshed.

54113 54911 54931 54956 54130 54913 54942 54961 54136 54914 54944 54961 54140 54915 54947 54985 54901 54927 54952 54986

How can I help on the farm.

I am always up to something. And will gladly put you to work if you wish to volunteer some time to the farm. There are often things such as painting, baling, processing, planting and so much more. If you have an area of expertise or an inkling to learn about something send me an email and a timeline in which you would be willing to be available.

Do you want egg cartons?

I will do my best to reduce reuse and recycle and will help you do so as well. If you have any of the following materials that you no longer need feel free to drop these items off at the farm. Thank you in advance.

5 gal buckets
Wire racks (oven racks, shelving, etc)
Brown paper bags
Baking pans and cookie sheets
Cast iron cookware
Old hoses (can have holes)
Building Materials
tarps and/or heavy plastic sheeting
a-frame, plastic sign
egg cartons
chicken wire (roll ends even)
woven wire fence
hand tools
garden tools

I’m not getting your emails. Do you send them often?

I send a weekly email. I attempt to send them on Wednesdays but find that on occasion I miss my personal deadline and get them out on the following day. If you do not find them in your inbox, check your spam folder, google sometimes directs the email there because it seems unfamiliar.

Will you come and speak in front of a group?
I am happy to come and speak at an event or a group locally for no cost. I have quite a few topics I could share and quite possibly could create a presentation that would fit the venue. Send me an email and we can talk about it.

12 Responses to FAQ

  1. Connie Chynoweth

    Can you tell me the cuts of steak that come with the Family Share?


    Hello Connie,
    When an animal is picked up from processing the portions are divided equally by value of cut and weight into as fair of shares as possible.
    A share may include cuts ranging from, T-bone steak, Tenderized Round Steak, Sirloin Steak, Sirloin Tip Roast, Rib-eye Steak, Chuck Roast, Porterhouse Steak, Chuck Steak, Arm Roast.
    A share will include half of it weight in ground beef and the rest a variety of Steaks and a roast or soup bone. All steaks are 1 inch thick cuts.

  3. Anonymous

    What would it cost to get a flat of eggs not just a dozen.


    I am not selling flats of eggs. I do not keep enough laying hens to sell those quantities at this point. I will get back to you much quicker with an email with questions like these. Thanks for the inquiry.

  5. Carol

    In your newsletter you hade on how to brine the turkey, I cannot find that.
    Can you tell me how to do that again. Thank you

  6. Nancy Cabot-Janiszewski

    How many people does a half share of vegetables feed per week as opposed to a full share? I realize that this would be a guesstimate on your part.
    Thank you,your answer will help us decide which share to select. We’re just worried about waste in not being able to keep up with the amount of things we get each week.
    Looking forward to your answer,Sincerely,Nancy

  7. Amanda Dahlman

    I would love to be added to your email list! Maybe I missed it, but didn’t see where to do that so thought this may be the best way. Thanks!

  8. Carolyn

    Is your farm a “non-GMO” farm?
    Do you feed your livestock any GMO products?


    We are not GMO free at this point. We strive to produce the cleanest feed for the animals on the farm. Currently we use a local farm that mills their own grains for the pigs and chickens. Next season we will be using corn that is still GMO but had not been sprayed with roundup. This will feed the pigs. We are looking to bring in pallets of chicken feed that will continue to move the farm in a positive clean and wholesome direction.

  10. Shawn Christenson

    Can you deliver to 54174? That would be just north of Suring?

  11. Shanna

    With the CSA I’m curious on the family share and farm share. We are a family of four that includes a teenage son. Is the lbs a grand total weight or of each beef and pork? For a family is it between to do the farmer share (we have a meat for every super). I’m trying to figure out which size would be better for our family. Thank you very much!!!

  12. THE G FARM

    Im sorry that is outside of my delivery area.

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